Golf Improves Your Social Life


In your 30s and 40s, plenty of new people enter your life through work, children’s school and, of course, Facebook. But actual close friends — the kind you make in high school and college and can call in a crisis — are in much shorter supply.

It’s a fact that very few people make a lot of close friends. Golfers are different. Both on and off the course, golf is a very social game and a great way to make new friends or start new business relationships quickly and easily without any of the usual awkwardness of talking to strangers. There are just so many great open-ended questions to ask a golfer to get the conversation rolling:

  • What’s your favorite course?
  • Traveled anywhere good to play recently?
  • What’s your best score? (Always prompts a smile).
  • Which game do you usually play in?
  • What type of clubs are you using?
  • Have you ever played in Scotland or Ireland?
As I have traveled the world, I have made many new acquaintances and friends in airports, bars, hotels, planes and rental car lines by simply noticing that the person next to me was probably a golfer. You know the tell-tale signs; a golf visor, golf magazine or book, logoed shirt, tanned right hand but a pale left hand.
Most clubs, of course, have a multitude of social nights so that you can elevate friendships to a higher level.

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