Praise G/FORE, but When Will the Golf Gods Answer My Prayers?


Three things I struggle to find on the golf course: pars, birdies and attractive clothing.

In the world of golf, flattering clothing is hard to come by. For women? Even more so. I’ve gotten to the point of sourcing bodysuits from some of my favorite lifestyle brands because no chance you will see me rocking a boxy or unfitted polo, not even at my local neglected nine-hole walking course.

This G/Fore ensemble is Diana Arellano’s fashion pick of the month for May 2019

And shoes? Why do all the shoes look like my 75-year old dad’s favorite pair of sneakers? “It’s about functionality and comfort, Diana.” Sure, Dad, can’t wait for clubs to start allowing jean shorts, too.

I didn’t coin “look good, play good,” but we all know it takes a lot more than that. You can look good, sleep good, eat good and still come off of 18 with an enormous number. And while we have little control over the golf gods – we can control the look part – and anyway, I like to picture them as fashion-forward gods who like to reward style.

Cue G/Fore, the brand to save us from skirts that nuns think are too long, and cheesy floral prints grandma wouldn’t wear.

G/Fore entered the scene to shake things up and they’re not leaving women behind. Color blocking, hot pink cashmere, studded shoes – no this isn’t a “What’s Hot” list in Vogue — it’s the brand’s 2019 Spring/Summer Lookbook.

G/FORE Crewneck Sweater, Effortless Skort and
Cap Toe Gallivanter; amen

I recently wore some of their gear during a round on Ocean Reef Club’s Hammock course. These are my thoughts:

My favorite piece from the ensemble is the Tipped Polo. I wore it in sea pink, but the collection has several colors. It’s lightweight and fitted with some stretch. Ribbed detailing on the sleeves and collar are an added sporty touch.

The Effortless Skort in white should be a staple in any wardrobe. It’s super practical with zippered side pockets and a back pocket and built in shorts. The poly/spandex material mix has a sheen finish to it. I went with the 15-inch option — all the length I need at 5’7, but they do have an 18-inch option as well.

I’m cold prone and don’t go anywhere without a sweater, Florida Keys included. In the golf cart or at the 19th Hole restaurant, at some point or another I’m going to get cold. The Crewneck Sweater is everything you want from a cashmere piece – lightweight to be wearable in cool temperatures, warm enough in cold temperatures. This one is in rose violet with a purple hint of creative branding: a G4 logo on the side of the stomach.

The shoes are where G/FORE really kicks it out of the park. I’m wearing the Cap Toe Gallivanter in snow/shark skin and honestly, even my friends that don’t golf were asking me where I got them when I posted a picture on Instagram. I’m with them. If these weren’t cleated, I’d wear them everywhere. To the office, to the bar, anywhere. My dad would be pleased to know they are functional and comfortable.

“Look good, play good,” I’m halfway there. G/FORE is doing their part, but still waiting on the golf gods to answer my prayers.



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