Free Lessons for Ladies at Topgolf on June 5 to Celebrate #WomensGolfDay


More than Tiger, Jack or the USGA; all of a sudden Topgolf is golf’s No. 1 advocate. Who knew that non-golfers would flock to ranges in 2018 to shank, top and whiff golf balls? Topgolf ranges are far from typical, but are in fact driving ranges. Surely a few Topgolf regulars have purchased their own sticks — most likely thousands.

Focused growth is set for Tuesday, June 5 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. when 37 Topgolf U.S. venues will cater to the ladies and offer complimentary instruction. The hour of instruction will be hosted in honor of Women’s Golf Day, and instruction will be tailored for women of all skill levels.

Women’s Golf Day (WGD) is a global golf initiative launched in 2016 to introduce women of all ages to the game and encourage existing female golfers to play more often. Approximately 32-percent of all Topgolf players are female – that’s a 12-percent increase since 2012.

“We are excited to have Topgolf participate in Women’s Golf Day, adding another fun and engaging option for participants. The social component of Women’s Golf Day events are just as important as the golf, so in that respect, Topgolf is the perfect WGD host location,” said Founder of Women’s Golf Day Elisa Gaudet.

Topgolf in Queensland, Australia

Topgolf in Queensland, Australia

Topgolf’s energetic, beginner-friendly 60-minute class is built around a variety of drills to improve body motions and make each individual’s golf swing intuitive and free-flowing.

The one-hour instruction session will include:

10 Minutes: Warm-up and Review the Basics (grip, stance, posture, wedges, irons and woods)
40 Minutes: Drill Stations (individuals to work as two-person teams)
10 Minutes: Intro to Competition (instructors will direct individuals in how to use their newly learned skills to play Topgolf games)

All Topgolf coaches know how to bring about improvement for their students by customizing their teaching method to match their student’s personality, skill level and goals. Each coach goes through a certification program with access to video analysis tools and high-tech games to demonstrate progress for their students.

“Topgolf is everyone’s game, and we are delighted to offer this complimentary ladies class on Women’s Golf Day in our efforts to introduce more women to golf,” said Vice President of Marketing Susan Walmesley. “With Topgolf making socializing a sport, we are proud to offer women an opportunity to not only swing a golf club for potentially the first time, but also to create memories with the other women in their class and develop lasting connections.”

Each class is limited to 12 women per class, interested individuals should register early for their complimentary session at





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