Former No. 1, Current No. 321 to Play Bridgestone Tour B330-S Golf Ball


Bridgestone Golf announced yesterday that it has signed Tiger Woods to a multi-year agreement to exclusively play and promote its high-performance golf balls.

According to a statement from Bridgestone, “Woods, whose decorated career includes a record run of 683 weeks as the top-ranked golfer in the world, selected the Bridgestone Tour B330-S ball after thoroughly testing it against competing models from all major brands. Through his personal research, Woods determined the Bridgestone ball provided superior distance and accuracy off the tee for him, as well as optimal spin on shots into and around the green.”

Woods added, “Finding the right golf ball is extremely important. It’s an essential part of my equipment, and the Bridgestone B330-S ball is hands-down the best for my game. Controlling launch and trajectory is critical, and with this ball I feel I have total control to hit all shots accurately. I’m not just here to play – I’m here to win, and the innovative breakthroughs of the Bridgestone B330-S ball can help me do that.”

And with that the golf world waits for the magical moment when Tiger will hit a clutch shot in a pressure situation — and just before Tiger’s ball falls into the cup — the Bridgestone logo will wave goodbye as it drops.

Just do it, Bridgestone, err, good luck!


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