WBGD Editor Elvis Anderson On The Golfer’s Journal Podcast (Listen)


To understand the culture of an industry — look no further than its working media. Competing political media outlets are damn-near at war. Entertainment reporters hide in bushes and board boats to stalk celebs on yachts.

Golf is more cordial than the Fox News, CNN and TMZ scenarios. Most golf journalists are friends, they chat in PGA Tour media centers and spend afternoons on the golf course.

WBGD Editor Elvis Anderson, and The Golfer’s Journal Tom Coyne, looking at a birdie putt with Greg Norman in the Bahamas

So when Tom Coyne, host of The Golfer’s Journal podcast invited me to participate in Episode 39: Swing Thoughts with Dr. Bob Winters, I gladly obliged. In addition to podcast hosting and Golfer’s Journal contributions, Coyne also authored of a bunch of books such as A Gentleman’s Game, A Course Called Ireland, A Course Called Scotland and A Course Called America is in progress. Coyne AKA TC and I have teed it up in Ireland and the Bahamas and he’s a friend.

Perhaps if CNN’s Brian Stelter and Fox News’ Sean Hannity would tee it up then they’d be pals.

Listen to The Golfer’s Journal Podcast Episode 39: here


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