Dressing for a Freezing, Cold Round of Golf


Who needs advice for dressing to play golf in cold weather? Well, actually many could benefit from just a few tips.

Rather than wearing heavy sweaters or clothes up top, layer up with lots of lightweight clothing. The beauty of this is that as you warm up or the temperature rises, you can easily shed them without changing your body’s temperature.

Down below, Corduroys typically work well along with long panted underwear and if it’s really chilly, you might want to add your rain pants.

A long or short-sleeve compression shirt works best as your base layer as opposed to the usual golf shirt. Your typical golf shirt adds unwanted bulk and no real comfort.

You may want to wear two pairs of socks provided there is some wiggle room left in your shoes.

Windproof clothing should be your choice for your outermost layer, and it’s just as important to protect your hands and head so be sure to wear either a knitted cap or a heavy material baseball-style one with ear coverings along with gloves or golf mittens.

Advancements in lightweight clothing in the last decade have made the chore of looking good and keeping warm while maintaining your comfort and range of motion for playing in cold conditions a much easier task.

Photo: courtesy of Dan Taylor-Watt | Flickr




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