Cabo: Well Done Mr. Weiskopf, Well Done


Some of the world’s best golf courses are in Los Cabos, Mexico. “Cabo” for short is 1,000 miles south of San Diego on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula. What’s most remarkable is the transformation of the terrain. Untouched the land is some of the roughest in the world. There are rocky bluffs, prickly cactus jungles, rattlesnakes, thorny bushes and fierce sunshine. More than 120 different types of cactus are found here and some of them grow to 60-feet tall. It’s amazing what a little irrigation can do. There are more than 20 golf courses to play in the area and they are plush. Tee boxes, fairways and greens are pristine in the area – one of our favorites is Cabo del Sol and its two golf courses.

Jack Nicklaus has designed seven golf courses in the Cabo area – the Ocean Course at Cabo del Sol is one of those. It was closed for maintenance on our last trip – we will be back. It’s not uncommon for golf courses to get a break in the slow month of September so make sure the golf course you’re going after is available on your trip.

This cactus jungle between holes on the Desert Course at Cabo del Sol is a nice touch

No Ocean Course – no problem. The other golf course at Cabo del Sol is the Desert Course, a Tom Weiskopf design. The Ocean Course plays near the surf – the Desert Course plays the other direction back into the teeth of the cactus. Some players may argue that the views of the Ocean Course make it superior, but at half the price and with equal conditioning – the Desert matches up. Weiskopf’s design is smart – fun was high on his priority list when he made this golf course.

Tunes are blasting on the range, which is a nice touch and adds to the festive vibe. Cold Pacifico beers and margaritas on the rocks are never more than five minutes away. Before going off the first tee, we have a chat with Ernie Perez, a Cabo del Sol golf professional.

#4 is a slightly downhill par four and it is reachable — eagles are always fun

“There are two reachable par fours on the front. Go for them! Also, hit putts hard – do not come up short,” Perez tells World’s Best Golf Destinations. “Be aggressive out there and have fun, that’s what Weiskopf intended with this design,” he adds.

The difference between good and great is in the details — these simple essentials station is a nice touch at Cabo del Sol

Perez’s suggestions are accurate, and the golf course is a joy. It’s generous off the tee and approach shots are fun to play. From tee to green – the golf course is in pristine condition. Margaritas and tacos on the deck after the round is a perfect cap to the afternoon.


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