30 Yards in 30 Minutes


You don’t need a gym to add distance to your drives – just a clear understanding of the golf swing’s true power sources. 

If you use the four distance keys that I’m going to outline over the next 4 weeks, you’ll hit the ball longer and straighter than ever – guaranteed!


Soften Your Upper Half

The fastest way to tap into your power reserves is to learn to coil better in your backswing. Powerful hitters create a powerful backswing wind by turning their shoulders and torso against a resisting lower body. The resulting difference between shoulder and hip turn creates a coiled spring sensation; the more that spring is coiled, the faster it wants to snap back – and the more clubhead speed you can generate. The first part of improving your coil is to ensure your upper half is soft and relaxed: that gives it the freedom to rotate to your full range of movement.

I can only achieve this wide and full shoulder turn because my upper body muscles were relaxed at set – up, allowing great freedom of movement.


The mere mention of the word power can put you into this kind of frame of mind. Shoulders hunched; neck muscles clench, dropping your chin to your chest; arms stick rigidly out and hands throttle the club. It may seem and feel powerful because you are activating every muscle in your upper body. But in terms of swing force, you are making yourself about as weak as you can get. What chance of a full, free – flowing backswing from here?






Instead, build these five factors into your set – up to achieve that loose and long backswing turn:

  1. Soft Grip Pressure – You should have control of the club but if someone wanted to pull the club out of your hands they should not have to yank it that hard.
  2. Chin Up Well Off The Chest – It creates room for your left shoulder to turn. Feel yourself looking down your cheekbones at the ball.
  3. Shoulders Back – This helps keep the muscles relaxed and promotes a solid body turn.
  4. Elbow Joints Softened – This helps you to maintain a feeling of relaxation in your arms. Rigid elbows lead to tension.
  5. Jaws Soft – Tension can show up in your face, usually in the form of a clenched jaw. Keep your face muscles relaxed; it has a positive knock – on effect to your state of mind too. 




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