15 great reasons why you should chose Concierge Golf Ireland to manage your next golf trip to Ireland



  1. You can be assured your golf tee-times, accommodation, transportation and dinning arrangements, are fully booked and paid for by Concierge Golf on your behalf.
  2. We will suggest, manage and arrange all other non-golfing activities that are required by the non-golfers within the group. Such as: finishing, history tours & walking tours, cooking classes, music lessons, sightseeing, shopping trips, equestrian, hill walking, spa days, sporting & music events & etc.
  3. You can enjoy the full benefits of playing golf with PGA Golf coach and owner of Concierge Golf, John Dooley.
  4. We have a range of PGA golf coaching services that are available to work with and coach all golfers within the group. Please note these services are subject to availability.
  5. We will solve any unforeseen problems that may arise during the trip and when necessary; Concierge Golf will make changes to the customer’s itinerary on their behalf.
  6. There is a 24 hour concierge service for our clients’ disposal for the duration of their trip.http://www.conciergegolf.ie/irish-golf-tours/request-a-tour/
  7. Should you require golf events/tournaments to be a part of your golf trip to Ireland or Scotland? Concierge Golf can organize and operate a range of golf tournament formats for such golfers during their trip. Such as skins games, Matchplay, Stableford, Stroke Play and a mix of formats to suit the group.
  8. We will ensure that all activity suggestions from third parties are fully investigated and validated prior to been endorsed by Concierge Golf.
  9. As part of our service; we would prefer to handle the group’s special requests to and from the services providers. Ensuring that there is no miscommunication or misunderstandings of the information at hand. Such arranging caddies and their payments, tee times & accommodation checking in, the checkout process, rental car insurances, special dining arrangements, events & parties,  dealing with errors from hotel billings at check-out & etc.
  10. We ensure that all the non-golfer’s daily activities are coordinated with the golfers tee times.
  11. Our recommendations come with only the sole interests of our clients at heat. We do not put profit or personal convenience before our customers.
  12. Our services are designed to take our customer’s stress away from dealing with the service providers and ensuring our clients can concentrate fully on having a fantastic experience.
  13. Our pricing structure ensures that our clients will benefit from our industry discounts and we operate are fully transparent pricing structure.
  14. Our attention to details is second to none and Concierge Golf will secure the best value for money without impacting on your levels of service.
  15. Our Company charge a concierge service at 15% plus vat tax as a commission on the total value of the trip arrange for our clients.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us from the following:

Email: [email protected]

Irish Office Tel: +353 (0) 21 240 9110

Website: www.conciergegolf.ie



1st at Killeen Course, Killarney Golf Club



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